Gwembe Safaris


  • January – Usually wet but the sun comes out between showers. Temperature is variable but can be cool to warm
  • February  – Like January but getting cooler so humidity is not a major factor.
  • March  – Rain starting to dry up. Very green and temperatures usually in the high 20’s to low 30’s Centigrade
  • April – End of the rainy season but could have the odd “April Shower”. Temp in the 20’s . The best time to be here.
  • May – Getting cooler. Warm days but can be cold in the evening. Bring warm evening clothes
  • June – Winter is here. Cool during the day but the nights can be cold.
  • July – The heart of winter. Temp can get down to zero at night.
  • August – Temperatures starting to rise again. Warm days and cold nights are the norm.
  • September – Spring ….Generally warm to hot and water temp rising.
  • October – Getting hot, dry, dusty and windy but a good time to see animals in the park.
  • November – Usually a hot and humid month. The odd early rain has settled the dust by now.
  • December – Green and humid but generally not too hot. Expect the odd torrential thunderstorm.
  • Reptile Park

    Here you can view some of Livingstone's most notorious man-eating crocodiles as well as a fascinating collection of Zambia's most dangerous venomous snakes.