Gwembe Safaris

What to bring

At least one long sleaved shirt and longs for the evenings to protect against mosquitos.

Good mosquito repellant.

Anti Malarial tablets.

Compact camera to take on rafting trips.

Camera with good zoom for game viewing.

Compact Binoculars. Large ones can become heavy by the end of the day.

A small backpack is handy for carrying belongings when on activities.

A good pair of light training shoes and some waterproof rafting shoes.

A wide brimmed hat and sunllasses.

At least factor 30 sun block.

A small but good combination padlock to secure you case in the hotel.






  • Reptile Park

    Here you can view some of Livingstone's most notorious man-eating crocodiles as well as a fascinating collection of Zambia's most dangerous venomous snakes.