Gwembe Safaris

Reptile Park

Livingstone Reptile Park boasts a collection of Livingstone’s most notorious reptiles. Our crocodiles have been rescued from the Zambezi River where they were posing a danger to both humans and themselves. Gwembe Safaris were asked to capture these animals to prevent any further threat to people or their livestock. Had we not done so they could have been destroyed. Getting close to these animals never ceases to invoke feelings of fascination, respect and fear.


Over the past few years, we’ve been asked to capture snakes which could pose a danger to the public. This has allowed us to gather a fascinating variety of the most common and in most cases the most deadly snakes found in Zambia. The snakes are kept behind glass to enable visitors to observe them in complete safety. Zambia’s Deadly Dozen would be very difficult to see in the wild.

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